Hands Off Our Forest
A campaign to keep the
Forest of Dean out of private hands


hands off our forest



The Forest of Dean is under threat as never before.


Government plans to sell it off will limit access and destroy centuries of tradition. The mixed broad-leaf and conifer woodlands, so well managed by the Forestry Commission as an amenity for all, will be ruined.


HOOF aims to keep the Forest as it is – publicly owned and publicly run by the Forestry Commission.


Our strategy is that government should respect the 1981 Act regarding the Forest of Dean and give it, and the other Heritage Forests, full protection from disposal.


We believe that ownership by charitable trusts or private companies is both impractical and a road to ruin.


Hands Off Our Forest

Hands off our Forest campaigners and others from around the country joined Labour's Sir Peter Soulsby MP, DEFRA Select Committee and Green MP Caroline Lucas outside Parliament.


HOOF already has a number of high profile celebrities on its side. Read what Bill Bryson, acclaimed travel writer and President of The Campaign to Protect Rural England, has to say here.


Other well known people who have lent their support to HOOF are the environmentalist and advisor to Prince Charles, Jonathon Porrit; the actor Richard Wilson, best known as Victor Meldrew; The Bishop of Gloucester; The botanist and environmentalist David Bellamy; and Lord Denis Healey.